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Newport Oregon’s Historic Bayfront

Newport’s Historic Bayfront.

A full day in one single area of a fun coastal town?


The Historic Bayfront of Newport is one of my favorite ‘off the beach’ places on the Oregon Coast!  Bold words, considering how much I love Manzanita, or Depoe Bay, right?


I know I have talked about Newport quite a bit in the past, and although I have taken some old posts down while cleaning house recently, you may find a bit of coastal adventure in a couple posts here and here.


The Historic Bayfront has everything from the whimsical to fishing boats. Want to buy a fish right off the fishing boat it jumped into?

Buy fresh fish right off the boat on the docks!


How about a stroll along a lovely boardwalk?


Watch the Sea Lions slumber, or viciously go to battle over their napping territory! Yes, they fight, check out their battle scars!

Photograph the fishing docks full of colorful and interesting boats.

Fishing boats in Newport, Oregon.

There is so much to see and do, that I suggest you plan most of a day here.  Start the day with a GREAT breakfast at The Coffee House! It is right across the street from the fishing boats, and if you are lucky you can snag a table in the enclosed porch to watch the boats and people go by.  People-watching in a tourist town is always different, always funny, and always interesting.

The food is amazing!


There is food for practically everyone that is delicious, and in large portions…those plates are huge!  If you are Gluten Free like me, you will still love this place!  That biscuit on the plate of HASH is Gluten Free, even though it doesn’t look like it!  It is amazing!  My daughter and I went back here JUST for that biscuit and joyfully ate all we could of the hash while there!  It was incredible!  So many types of Vegetables in that hash, including asparagus!  You should really try this place out!  Oh, and they will serve you your special concoction of caffeine…  with a smile.  The ladies that stand behind the counter:



are especially kind, professional and cheerful.  This is an important bonus for the not quite yet caffeinated customers!

There is the Undersea Gardens with a fun little gift shop, and Ripleys Believe It or Not as fun attractions for kids and adults alike.

Shopping you say?  Are you ready?  Put on your most comfortable shoes…

(She rubs her hands together and hopes her husband isn’t reading this blog post where she hints at how much she has spent on this street over the years!)

There are favorite places, and then there are favorite places!  I admit I may or may not have spent too much money at the following places…  ahem…theoretically…

The Leather Works store, with a helpful and happy lady that works there!


The Leather Works:

This store has genuine leather bags of all kinds and sizes, for the most shocking prices.  There really isn’t a reason to avoid this place, the prices make any middle aged woman giddy as a school girl!  Seriously, even your husband won’t have any right to frown at the prices here…


GO CRAZY!!!!! 

Ahem, sorry…

The galleries and gift shops are full of fun and different things, many artisan made and many even locally handcrafted!  A few of my favorites:


Breach the Moon…Oh my goodness!

{Dear Husband if you are reading this…please stop right here…}

Artisan made fine Jewelry and fabulous Arts you will fall in love with!  I have bought elegant glassware, Jewelry, and SO MANY GIFTS here! You HAVE to go into this place!  The prices are also wonderful, but brace yourself, you will want it all!


Breach the Moon
Breach the Moon!


Oceanic Arts- (I accidentally cut off the name but want you to know what you are looking for.)

There are some truly unique things here, and it is fun to see the creativity of the Artists.


A local recommended the coffee here at Bay Scapes Gallery and Coffee House.

Although I have been here numerous times over the years and purchased many items, I have not personally tasted their coffee, so cannot describe it one way or the other, but you can sit in a sunroom or deck and watch the Sea Lions argue while recharging there.



This gallery is fabulously upscale and the man that usually runs the place is extremely helpful, informative, and friendly.  Today I ran into a woman working there that was NOT as friendly, or helpful… I wish I could say she was friendlier on previous visits…

But don’t hold that against the place.  Every store has it’s own unique story and character.  Or characters.

I promise you that this place is worth a visit!

If anyone scowls at you though, laugh it off, pray for her, and move on. Be kind, and make her smile!  Perhaps she has a reason for not being as friendly.

If you want a breath of fresh air, visit the Wind Drift Gallery.  The lady that works there, Sunny, is just as her name describes!  Friendly, happy, and I enjoyed our visit while we shopped!  Too many things from small to large in this store, and I rarely ever leave empty handed!  I have bought kitchen items, cards, art, gifts, you name it, from this fun store!

From the door, you can tell there is a lot to see!

Up the street to the west, is the Forinash Gallery. This is a fun place to go for wine tasting, artwork for sale, interesting little things and some of the great photography in the area.

The kitchen store has some adorable, interesting little gadgets to make your life better!  I bought a little sloth Tea Holder that hangs on the side of your cup to brew your tea…  YAY!

There are many, many other places to visit, from specialty toy stores, photography galleries, glass stores, Ice Cream shops and fresh seafood restaurants.  While at the old Historical Bayfront, try the famous Mo’s Chowder for lunch.


Newport has many other great places to see, and I have written about them before…  so I will just add that I strongly suggest you spend time watching boats, listening to the outraged sea lions, and eat some ice cream.  Unless you live here, you are on vacation!  Like me, you have to go home soon, so make it count!  Stroll slowly, breathe deeply and be sure to walk on the local beach.









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