About Me

My name is Mary. I have been married to my soulmate, Jack, for 33 years. We are Christians with two amazing adult kids we are proud of, a new daughter-in-law, family and children coming and going in our chaotic, BUSY house where people are coming and going, taking turns cooking and serving one another, all while loving and irritating each other.

(Hey! I’m being honest!)~

We have a HISTORY that sounds more like a soap opera in writing than I would rather. I spent 20 years homeschooling our kids and having various side jobs. Over the course of that time, I struggled through multiple rounds of cancer, lost loved ones, endured devastating surgeries and personal losses. We were wiped out from saving my life, financially, physically and emotionally. Having many new physical limitations that prevented me from many options, children that had grown up, which meant my previous life was over.


I needed to reinvent my life, and plan what I wanted my new life to look like. Not just accepting defeat, but setting new goals. Have you ever had to start completely over? I had no idea where to start, but knew in my heart that I had one true regret about my life.

I had never really chased my biggest dream!

Time, however much I had, MUST be spent trying to pursue it. I have flirted with it, dreamed about it, talked about it, planned it, studied it, hidden it most of my life, but never really pursued the craving of my soul. It was time to really do it! Reinventing my life just had to include that!

I dream of being a writer!

There, I said it. I dream of writing, selling photos, and having adventures! My new life needs to include these things. I guess, in a way, this blog is a start at chasing my dream. So let me explain the parts of my blog so we can get started on this journey together.


Having a crazy gypsy heart, I dream of adventure. New experiences thrill me, so many things to try! If I could, I would live on the road and see new places all the time, having carefree adventures like a vagabond tumbleweed, then photograph and write about them. Whew! What a life that would be! What amazing people I would meet, and what crazy stories I would have to tell. The Wings section will include some of my adventures and projects that are above and beyond the things that keep me rooted, such as driving a race car, building a business, and starting a blog!


The roots that hold me homebound are deep, with my husband and partner in crime, and a close knit family that I need in my life. I also love gardening, Krav Maga, knitting, running my businesses, collecting antiques, spending time with my loved ones, helping others, being surrounded by my precious loved ones, and study! Being a voracious studyaholic, I love learning, research, and cuddling down under my favorite wool blanket with book/pens/highlighters/notebook and at least one dictionary.

“The Tumbleweed Report.”

My life is a balance between my roots and wings; where I can be me, continue to fight for my life, health and future. Home is a place built around “our” story. Yet the restless spirit in me yearns for escape. When in flight from captivity, I will write about my travels, places I have visited, the haunts I know well, and places I am planning to go.

I plan to rebuild my life, I don’t want to just let it happen while I stagnate, accepting the defeat of never reaching my dreams. I want to make goals, and leap into things that I always dreamed about but never tried. Somewhere in there, will be the less tedious, joy-filled life that leaves no regrets on the table.  Even if I have to endure temporary pauses, and keep starting over!

Will you join me on my adventure?