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The Screaming of the Shoes!

I am female, so logically that might mean I am a shoe fanatic.  Right?

NO, seriously, I’m not!  I don’t really even like most shoes!

However, one thing I am serious about is comfort.




When you find that pair of shoes, that feels so good on your feet that it makes you feel like you are barefoot…you fall in love.  You take them everywhere.  You love them. They are always with you. They are well worn…but the love is real.

Now you have an idea what I am talking about.

My favorite shoes are red leather, strappy sandals that are soft and comfy and flip floppy…


Today I wore them to the beach, Fogarty Creek Beach near Newport, Oregon, and like every other human being I shed them at the edge of the beach.  like every other time I have EVER been to the beach, the shoes get dumped at the edge of the beach and you walk into the soft, warm sand down to the water.


The surf was foamy and frothy.  The waves were huge and we played in the surf for a while.  Yes, a few pebbles and agates may have leapt into my pockets and perhaps I daydreamed on the beach for too long.




When I was leaving and going to retrieve my shoes…








I searched, my daughter searched, we  searched everywhere and asked people…   but they were gone.  My perfect, comfortable, red strappy sandals that I loved.


I am shocked!  WHO DOES THAT?????


Who looks around at the edge of a beach and says “I think I will steal someones shoes today.”


Perhaps they were tempted by these perfect red leather strappy sandals?


Also not my actual shoes-


NOT A CHANCE!  When my feet are out of them…  They look…. WORN!   The bottom is wearing out, but no one knows because when I wear them no one can see that through my feet…and they are so comfortable…who cares?


The red leather straps are perfect!


Oh how I wish I had my shoes…


So right now, somewhere out there, is someone who stole my shoes…  and they are violating my poor perfect red strappy sandals with their filthy thief feet!




Also not my red shoes. I miss my shoes…


I can almost hear them screaming!  I am sure they miss me.  NO ONE could love these well worn shoes as much as I do.  NO ONE! Why take them?  Because they are a thief!  A perfect red shoe thief!


I find it hard to concentrate right now, because someone is WEARING my shoes!  I may never be able to keep my accusing eyes off people’s shoes in public again.  I know myself, I will be looking for those shoes on every tourist’s feet I pass, praying I find them…and worried about if I would be brave enough to cause a scene and demand my perfect red shoes back!


Right now…


The agony!


Their filthy thief feet!  That are violating my shoes, and making them scream!


You may think I am silly, and maybe I am…  but the struggle is real!  My feet are never comfortable in shoes and these were perfect!

And now they are gone.  And they are screaming…

If you took them…  you better NEED shoes…  If you truly do not own a single pair of shoes and my perfect, favorite shoes are the only ones you could find to steal that fit your feet….FINE!  Keep them!  You likely had other options, though; thrift stores, shelters, so many places to give you shoes out there…  But if you need them, you can have them.


But if you are just a mean person…  Please keep your feet out of my shoes!  You do not deserve them!

Keep your thief feet out of my shoes!


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  1. Thief feet! 🤣 I truly feel your pain. I too am a woman who couldn’t care less about shoes, but when you find “that perfect pair”…oh my. I have a brand of flip flops that I can only find at Fred Meyer. The funny thing is that they’re CHEAP! I have owned two pair. They fit my feet like none other. They are my “sole” mates. Anyway, just thought I’d let you know that I totally get it! Also, I hate purses. 🤷🏼‍♀️

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