Math miracles!

Doesn’t the idea of teaching math to your children give you warm fuzzies?   WHAT?   NO?   Well, it should!   After 20 years of successfully homeschooling my children, and tutoring a couple hundred others more short term, (along with coaching countless moms how to teach,)  I definitely have a favorite pathway to teaching […]

Preparing your baby and toddler for more “formal” learning.

So you have a baby! Or a busy toddler! Let’s talk about early learning. REALLY EARLY learning! That means we have to start with building Neural Pathways! INFANTS and TODDLERS are not too young to learn. Actually it is all they do! Their brains are building neural pathways right now, that are going to help […]

The Screaming of the Shoes!

I am female, so logically that might mean I am a shoe fanatic.  Right? NO, seriously, I’m not!  I don’t really even like most shoes! However, one thing I am serious about is comfort.   COMFORT!   When you find that pair of shoes, that feels so good on your feet that it makes you […]

Newport Oregon’s Historic Bayfront

Newport’s Historic Bayfront. A full day in one single area of a fun coastal town? OH YES! The Historic Bayfront of Newport is one of my favorite ‘off the beach’ places on the Oregon Coast!  Bold words, considering how much I love Manzanita, or Depoe Bay, right? RIGHT! I know I have talked about Newport […]

From Victim to Survivor-hood

In case you wondered where I have been… Several weeks ago, I was attacked in my driveway. Yes, in my own driveway, by a delivery guy bringing an oxygen machine to my father-in-law.  You know, the kind of person you feel is probably safe, older, professional, delivering oxygen to a frail, weak, elderly man.  In […]