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Reinventing My Life, and The Tumbleweed Report

It’s Not Too Late!

Has your life changed dramatically against your will? This happened to me. I was a homeschooling mom and my kids grew up. I battled cancer and some very serious health issues, and it left me with serious limitations and life changes. It felt like every part of my life had changed, and I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t just go back to my life, that job was over and my doctor was serious about my limitations.

I wasn’t dead yet, so I had to do something!

To be honest, I felt sorry for myself. I won’t bore you with all the details, but lets just say I didn’t have too many options that appealed to me. I am now a few years into this journey, but when I was at this place, I just didn’t know what to do. Life had left me behind. Also, I was in my mid forties and felt like maybe it was becoming too late for me.


I’m a natural dabbler. An adventurist. I march to the beat of my own drum. So anyone that knew me, well…they likely figured out my eventual path would be anything but conventional. I just started trying things that interested me. I started selling stock photos online a few years ago, and have sold them around the world. Started a soap and candle business that is growing and God has blessed us with it. I learned to sew a little, took up knitting, and began learning to draw. Last year I added a doTerra Essential Oils business to the works and I am building it while learning a lot. This year I am adding this blog. Any one of those things might satisfy many people, right? I love doing different things each day, and getting to use so many of my interests to make money and help others. Pick something, anything that makes you happy and build on it! Want to build a business and make it grow? Become a nurse? Teacher? The most famous basket weaver in our country?

Free yourself! You are the only one that knows what will make you happy.

I plan to continue building my soap and doTerra businesses and pursuing my hobbies, but this year plan to also start chasing my lifelong dream.


My entire childhood and adult years, I have dreamed of writing. As a kid,I wanted to be a photo journalist, so I could travel around the world and write and take pictures. My blog will be where I begin learning how to write. It can also be a central place for people to reach us for any of our businesses. Eventually we hope to have the store up and running and our customers can buy products right here. I can write about the adventures I am going to take. The trips I am planning. The adventures, dabbles, foibles and successes. Join me, I will do my best to encourage you.

Brilliant display at the end of the day!

I have decided that we are never too old, and it is never too late!

Even while the sun goes down, it is the most brilliant display of the day!

How about you? Are you ready to leap into something new? You can do it! You are your own limit!

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