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Our Essential Oil Story

How did I get into Essential Oils, and why did I choose doTerra?

It all started out innocently enough. I was looking at studies being done at highly reputable places involved worldwide in cancer research, which is a hobby of mine considering my medical history. I found one using Frankincense and Sandalwood against cancer, and was intrigued. I did more in depth research, and found that there was evidence that together they killed cancer cells in studies and reduced tumor markers. I was interested! Suddenly, I wanted to try it, and began researching Essential Oil companies to choose one to purchase through.

You know what? They are NOT all the same. This shocked me, as I had always been told that to be called an essential oil, it had to be an actual essential oil…and that they were all virtually the same. Well, this is untrue. I did know there were some that were more pure than others, and always paid for those, but didn’t understand it. Not really. I knew some were food grade, some cosmetic grade, some were neither. That was it.

What I learned is as follows;

Some companies use the whole plants, some use only the parts of the plant that are the strongest in their Essential Oils. Some use the leftovers from companies that use only the good part, making an inferior, weak product. Many companies dilute their Essential Oils with other oils, like Olive oil, and the like. Then there are even corrupt companies that lie and cheat and don’t really have any EO’s in their product, like the ones that came out on the news over the last few years. This would be disheartening to use EO’s for health and wellness if they were not pure or as strong as they could be. You should get what you paid for!

I looked at many top selling brands, companies that had respect in the industry, and the one I chose was doTerra. They were the ones that came into an industry that had no standards, and created the standard. They used only the right part of the plant, creating strong oils. They have third party testing to keep them honest and their oils pure and strong. This company goes to the original countries of origin that each oil has been grown so it matches the hundreds or thousands of years of documentation, while helping build up those communities, and farms. Instead of buying cheap and exploiting, they pay living wages and teach the farmers to do it the right way while empowering and building up their communities. Every step of the way there is testing to be sure it is never damaged, and remains strong and pure! They also have an amazing charity that they created, and every penny you donate goes to the actual causes that are involved with many serious issues around the world. So even if another company had oils as pure and potent, I’d still choose doTerra!

I ordered and applied Frankincense and Sandalwood to my feet.

The first night, I put it on my feet, turned out the light and closed my eyes. When I opened them I was so disoriented that it is amusing now. I had no memories of the night and had slept straight through. Now, what you don’t know is that I can’t remember ever having slept through the entire night without waking up, even as a child. Being awake part of every night was my normal and part of my life. I couldn’t believe it! No grogginess, no drugged feeling, just excellent sleep.


Night after night, I starting sleeping. Sleeping well, too! Along came my next tumor marker test, and my numbers were lower, and I was still sleeping. Right about then, I started to try other oils. The Clary Calm helped relieve my hot flashes! I felt like I could breathe through my anxiety after I applied it, and any time I forgot and missed a day the hot flashes would return. I felt relief from panic attacks, was getting sleep, immune support, finding headache relief, even emotional support all from Essential Oils I was buying. Every time I tried an EO, I had success. It Was AMAZING! These oils really did promote health and wellness! (The FDA will not allow us to say it treats, cures or heals anything, so I have to use the words promotes health and wellness.)

They also have diffusers to use!

Diffuser Blends to use!

Other fun tricks!

Add Lavender to your mascara to promote thicker and stronger lashes!
Types of Headaches and some solutions

I jumped in and knew I had to add this to our natural soap and candle business, others needed to know about these oils and we knew it would fit into our natural soap and candle business. Our goal has been to help empower folks that want natural options, and we wanted to share this!

*So here we are, selling doTerrra EO’s at Retail,
*booking in home classes, and one on one meetups, to help you learn how to use and access great natural products!
*Helping people sign up for Wholesale prices with no obligations, or
*The Loyal Reward Program where there is a monthly order but LOTS of free rewards and Essential Oils.
*We also sign anyone up that wants a side business for income while actually helping folks get healthier while empowering folks with healthy choices. What a good feeling to make a little money on the side but while helping people!

We are excited about the future!


If you are interested in learning more about Essential Oils to better your health and wellness, how to get wholesale prices or to create an income from doTerra, please contact us! Just click on the “Contact Us” tab to reach out to us!

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