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Mango-Tangerine Soy Candle

Mango-Tangerine Soy Candle

Mango-Tangerine Soy Candle
Mango-Tangerine Soy Candle

Mango-Tangerine Soy Candle

A long-burning, soy candle with the sweet, fruity fragrance of mangoes and tangerines!
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Soy candles are a healthy alternative to paraffin (petroleum) wax candles for you and your family! 

They are also economical.  The average burn time for our jar candles is 50-60 hours!  Since the candle melts to liquid when burning, then re-solidifies after, you use the WHOLE candle and you don’t end up with a large amount of unburned wax around the outside edge with a hole down the center like with paraffin candles.

Our candles are made with 100% American grown soy!

100% of the soy beans sourced in our wax variety come from established farms inside the continental United States, and since sustainable soy is continually producible it’s a resource that can be replaced at the same rate it’s consumed if not greater. That means more soy wax for our candles and no damage to our ecosystem!

Why are soy candles a healthy alternative?

Paraffin wax is a byproduct of petroleum/crude oil refinement, while soy wax is made by extracting and hydrogenating the oils of green, renewable soy bean crops. 

Soy wax has given consumers the ability to burn clean burning candles from sustainable sources. Farmers have a rapidly growing new market. Soy wax is the first wax innovation in the candle industry in over a 100 years and is rapidly becoming the candle industry standard for the twenty first century.

There are several carcinogenic compounds (cancer-causing agents) found in paraffin candles. Virtually all of them have been considered “toxic air agents” by various environmental agencies and the state of California, in particular.

One of the most talked about attributes of soy candles is their ability to burn clean. For those who rarely burn scented candles in their homes, a cleaner burn may not mean that much, but to frequent candle users, those who have been bothered by the black left around the jar tops and the gray, sooty residue soot left behind on walls, drapes, furnishings, and your lungs, a candle that produces considerably less or no soot is an astounding breakthrough.

So why do paraffin candles produce soot while soy candles don’t?

Soot is the solid particle that results from incomplete combustion of carbon containing fuels, primarily petroleum based fuels. This is called petro-carbon soot which is not found in soy wax. Soy wax is completely petro-carbon soot free. Soy candles produce zero petro-soot unlike traditional candles made from paraffin. Lower soot levels help maintain pure air quality and reduce home maintenance problems associated with soot deposits.

Since soot particles are very small, they can potentially penetrate the deepest area of the lung. Researchers caution that the very young, the elderly and those with respiratory diseases like asthma/COPD should avoid exposure to candle soot.  Thankfully, there is no petro-soot in Soy Candles.

What would you rather have burning in your house?

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